Trent Biggs
MA (2000) and PhD (2003), Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara
A.B. (1995), Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Curriculum Vitae
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Current Students

Benjamin Downing, Channel adjustments to urbanization, Tijuana
Kyle Jones (with Andre Skupin), Agricultural dynamics in the Imperial Valley
Gabriela Morales, Water and agriculture on the US-Mexico Border
Sarah Rogers, Groundwater change in the US-Mexico Border
Effrain (Ye) Mu, Rainfall and deforestation in the Amazon Basin


Hannah Carney, Stable isotopes for determining groundwater sources; rainfall simulation for runoff modeling


Kris Taniguchi (2018), Channel erosion in Tijuana, Mexico.
Current position:  Scientist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Michael Beland (2018).  Mapping oil-affected salt marsh vegetation, Louisiana.
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences and Environment, California State University, Los Angeles

Napoleon Gudino-Elizondo (CICESE, 2018), Hillslope and gully erosion in Tijuana, Mexico.
Current position:  Research faculty, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) Ensenada, Mexico.

Alex Messina (2016), Sediment dynamics in a coral-reef embayment.
Current position:  Senior Scientist, Stormwater Division, John Wood Group PLC


Garrett McGurk (2019), Geochemical fingerprinting to identify sediment sources, Tijuana
Current position: Staff scientist, Wood Environmental

Joel Kramer (2018), Agricultural dynamics in the Mexicali Valley
Current position:  Environmental Scientist, Weston Solutions

Rodney Feddema (2018), Groundwater quality in Mexicali Valley
Current position:  Hydrologist, Wood Environmental

Maegan Salinas (2017):  Opportunities for water conservation in Imperial Valley, California informed by EEFLUX and Landsat EVI.
Current position:  Environmental Scientist, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Yelena Granovskaya (2017): Mapping agricultural change in the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys, 2002-2014.
Current position:  GIS Analyst, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Jason Allen (2017):  Evaluating differences in riparian vegetation in semi-arid watersheds of San Diego County.
Current position:  Park Ranger, City of San Diego

Greg McCormick (2017):  Land use impacts on stream water nutrients in American Samoa.
Current position:  Staff Scientist, John Wood Group PLC

Alex Messina (2012): Mapping drought in the Krishna Basin with remote sensing
Current position:  Project scientist, John Wood Group PLC

Whitney Seymour (2016):  Hydrologic and geologic controls on groundwater recharge along the Mojave River floodplain aquifer.
Current position:  Geographer, United States Geological Survey

Alex Samarin (2015):  Assessing sensitivity and exposure of irrigated agriculture to drought in the Krishna River Basin, India
Current position:  GIS Analyst at KTUA Planning and Landscape Architecture

Taya Lazootin (2015):  Retention and release of stream water and nutrients downstream of an urban center in San Diego County
Current position:  Project scientist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Lecturer, San Diego State University.

Kris Taniguchi (2014):  Regional Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Channel Geometry
Current position:  Project Scientist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Raymond Lee (2014):  Hydrologic, Climatological, and Biogeochemical Controls on Thermal Structure and Anoxia in Four Hypereutrophic Drinking Water Reservoirs
Current position:  Post-doctoral scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Cleo Neculae (2011): Key controls of stream temperature in Rock Creek, Oregon [electronic resource] : implications for restoration of riparian vegetation
Current position:  Stormwater Grants Program Manager, Washington Department of Ecology

Rebecca Lesher (2011):  Climate change impacts to a high altitude lake in the Indian Himalaya
Current position:  Geologist at Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE)

Emily Perkins (2011):  Irrigation controls on atmospheric water vapor, southern India
Current position:  Geographer, Western Ecological Research Center, United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Heather D’Anna (2010):  A spatial-temporal analysis of copper and zinc from antifouling paint in Pier 32 Marina, National City, California
Current position:  Wastewater Environmental Specialist, City of Oxnard

Shannon Webber-Anzelon (2010): The role of local watersheds on sediment accumulation in the Tijuana Estuary Reserve
Current position:  GIS manager, Vista Irrigation District

Teressa Whittaker (2009):  Sources of snowmelt runoff in the Merced River Basin.
Current position:  Senior Restoration Ecologist, AECOM


Nadine Garrison-Barham (2019), Quantification settlement agreement

Kimberly Livers (2018), Dissolved oxygen in the lower San Diego River: Biogeochemical dynamics