Global crop mapping

Source: Figure 16 in Gumma et al, 2022,

This is a collaborative project with the USGS to create four products:

1. Global Cropland Extent Product @ 30m (LGCEP30-2020, LGCEP30-2025)
2. Global Rainfed and Irrigated Product @ 30m (LGRIP30-2020, LGRIP30-2025)
3. Global Cropping Intensity Product @ 30m (LGCIP30-2020 & LGRIP30-2025)
4. Global Crop Type Product @ 30m for USA, Canada, and India (LGCTY30-
2020USACAN, LGCTY30-2025USACAN; LGCTY30-2020India, LGCTY30-

SDSU will focus on Product 3.